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DB Bits, LLC started as a PDC Drill Bit Division of a down-hole coring company in 1992 and was spun off as its own separate entity in April 2008. With same ownership and leadership since 1992, DB Bits employs engineers, management and key employees that have earned 5, 10 and 15 year service awards. The team consists of the most experienced and highly trained individuals in their respective fields. The company is proud of its vendor and customer roster, and has built long-term critical and key relationships. The manufacturing facility, located in Conroe, Texas, delivers superior products with extreme attention to quality control.


DB Coring, LLC was formed in 2013 as the Next Generation down-hole coring company, combining DB’s Team in creating a niche specialty to the oil and gas industry.  With a strong legacy of Coring experience in North America, DB Coring is focused on delivering quality full-diameter cores to our customers. DB manufactures all of its core bits and core barrels in house to improve quality and dependability of its products and services.

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    DB Bits are designed and optimized to get you to your pay zone. We produce among the best PDC drill bits in the industry and DB drill bits continue to set the bar for quality and reliability through proprietary technologies.